Advanced Warhead Experimentation Facility

Eglin Air Force Base, Florida | 5,800 sf | $3.5m

PRIME provided design services for a new Facility Fabrication and Analysis Center at the Advanced Warhead Experimentation Facility. The new center supports the Air Force Research Laboratory Directorate in the development of next generation warheads.

The new fabrication facility has three primary shops areas for woodworking, welding and machining and is used for fabrication and dis-assembly of targets. A 5-ton overhead monorail crane is included. Because the facility houses staff members during routine detonation events, is designed to resist blast effects of a 150 lb NEW blast and fragments due to a MK 82 general purpose bomb at a standoff distance of 1,000 feet.

The heavy industrial use of the facility requires robust building materials and finishes, including concrete and masonry walls, floors, and ceilings. The project site is exposed to high blast pressures, so no windows are allowed.

ACASS Rating: Very Good