Range Control Facility Building 1801

Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida | 15,000 sf Renovation, 3,000 sf Addition | $5.5m

GCAG completed the 100% design for a renovation/addition to provide upgraded, modernized space that is specifically suited to the mission at hand. At completion, Building 1801 will replace three existing obsolete buildings. The design for the highly secure facility included:

Project scope included the assessment, repair and painting of Existing Tower 1803, a 70’ antenna tower, and the demolition and replacement of Existing Tower 1806. The replacement radar tower is approximately 102’ tall and designed to maintain an extremely stiff sway tolerance (.8” of sway during 50 MPH winds). The structure is designed to meet 135 MPH wind speeds as required by the IBC.

LEED Silver requirements were met. New mechanical and electrical systems were designed to be energy efficient. Finish materials with recycled content were specified. GCAG completed all design phase submittals and registered the project for LEED Certification.

An energy analysis was performed based on ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G in order to ascertain the long term energy savings and energy cost savings of the facility as required by EPAct 2005, EISA 2007 and LEED EA Credit 1.

ACASS Rating: Very Good.

The firm was very responsive to the customer's desires and changes throughout all phases of the project… [GCAG] was exceptionally easy to work with…”
— Clyde Ashley, Project Engineer, USACE Mobile District