Air Force Reserve Command Facilities D/B RFPs

Duke Field, Florida | 89,000 sf | $16.35m

GCAG developed design/build proposals for renovations to four ARFC facilities. The charrette phase project scope included meetings with Users and Base representatives to develop program data and concept designs, narrative descriptions of engineered systems and cost estimating. Design charrettes for all four buildings were conducted concurrently over a four-day period. Results of the charrettes were compiled and detailed recommendations for each discipline (architecture, mechanical, electrical, communications and civil) and cost estimates were presented to AFRC, USCOE and User groups on the fifth day.

Gulf Coast Architectural Group responded quickly to a request to develop design/build RFPs for four facilities at Duke Field, FL. To meet the tight deadline, the team conducted charrettes for all four buildings during the same week. Even under these difficult conditions, they were able to conduct thorough investigations of existing conditions and create a detailed program. The final products were complete and the project was awarded within the Programmed Amount. Without the leadership of the GCAG team, the project could not have been completed within the time specified.”
— L. Nichole Griffin, USACE Mobile District