Requirements Documents – Eight New Facilities

Air Mobility Command Nationwide | 286,500 sf | $250m

GCAG produced Requirements Documents for eight proposed new facilities at:

Fairchild AFB

Little Rock AFB

Dover AFB

Scott AFB

Travis AFB

GCAG design teams visited each base and conducted extensive interviews of facility users and base staff to collect building program information and base requirements, toured existing facilities and collected existing conditions data necessary to define the full requirements for each facility.

ACASS Rating: Very Good.

Gulf Coast Architectural Group led a challenging programming effort for the Air Mobility Command. The project involved generating requirements documents for eight facilities at five different Air Force Bases throughout the country. The team, led by Don Carlos, conducted charrettes, site visits and thorough existing conditions assessments to create detailed and comprehensive reports. They accommodated a variety of users and evolving requirements while providing a quality product.”
— Nancy Tajjioui, Air Mobility Command