GCAG excels in the early stages of the design process. We understand the importance of a complete and detailed program in achieving a functional design solution that addresses the complete needs of the facility user. We have tools in place, such as detailed design checklists, to assist the user in defining the spatial and utility requirements of all spaces, including audio visual, communication and security needs.

We regularly conduct design charrettes to capture and solidify our client’s needs at the concept stage. This process allows for a direct and efficient transition from the program into the early design phases with direct input from the users and facility owner.

GCAG specializes in producing Design/Build RFPs for both public and private sectors clients. We have a clear understanding of the information needed to create an effective Design/Build RFP. The RFP documents must provide sufficient detail to ensure that bidding can be accurately completed. The documents must also capture the essential and specific requirements of the design – the "must-have" aspects that will define the project.

GCAG was instrumental in creation of a detailed program for the [Marine Forces Reserve] headquarters facility which will house 2,000 Marines. The programming process, which took two months, created the foundation for a successful design. During the design process, the GCAG was able to adapt to and incorporate numerous changes by the Marines while still meeting the schedule for design and construction. They were instrumental in identifying, clarifying and coordinating DoD requirements into the design.”
— Stephen R. Lawson, Vice President, Woodward Design + Build