Roof Investigation/Replacement, Cedars Condominium

Mary Esther, Florida | 43,300 sf | $783k

The Cedars Condominium, located on the Intercoastal Waterway, was heavily damaged during Hurricane Ivan. The owner had concerns about the roof system installed immediately after the hurricane and consulted Gulf Coast Architectural Group (GCAG) for a roof survey and investigation.

The investigation included a visual survey, roof cuts and "bubble dome" test which indicated that the roof was highly susceptible to "blow-off" in a storm and did not meet the minimum code or contract requirements.

Working with the owner, a goal of a 20-year roof, with a 120 MPH wind speed warranty was established. In addition, a gutter system would be added and modifications to the storm water systems would be made.

The uneven spans of the existing precast concrete plank roof deck made it infeasible to attach the underlayment and roof membrane directly. An insulated, lightweight concrete on the roof deck was recommended. This solution provided good slopes to gutter drainage, a suitable substrate for roof adhesive and added insulation to the roof deck. A 12-gauge metal edge form allowed secure attachment of new flashings and gutters and provided the ability to mechanically attach the edge of the roof membrane, which is the area of highest uplift forces. A multi-ply modified bitumen roof was installed.

The GCAG team managed the entire project for the owner, including development of a bidder list, assistance with the selection of a contractor, contract administration and construction inspection. Upon completion, the roof passed all uplift tests performed. A 20-year water tightness warranty with a 120 MPH wind uplift warranty rider was provided.