Facility Roof Investigation and Design, General Electric Energy

Pensacola, Florida | 350,000 sf | $300k

PRIME was engaged by General Electric Energy to determine the cause of serious leaks over the manufacturing area of their plant in Pensacola, FL. PRIME performed a roof investigation and structural deck assessment which indicated that portions of the structural roof deck was compromised. As an interim step to allow the plant to maintain operations, a design for a temporary roof repair was developed. PRIME provided bidding assistance, on-site observation and construction administration services during the construction of the temporary roof repair.

Development of a permanent solution was complicated by the variety of roof assemblies on the existing roof. Systems in place included PVC, modified bitumen, hypalon, spray polyurethane foam and EPDM. As part of the investigation, PRIME performed uplift tests to determine which areas of the roof were functioning properly and which areas needed to be replaced vs. repaired. Florida Building Code prohibits layering more than two roofing systems in a given area, so careful analysis was completed to ensure that the solution was effective and met code.

Options were developed, including cost estimates and pros/cons for the various repair and replacement options. A phased replacement plan was created to meet the long-term goals of the owner. A 20-year warranty will be obtained for each replaced roof. In 2016 GE took a direct hit for an EF-3 tornado with 155 mph winds. The new roof assemblies designed by PRIME and installed at the facility remained intact with only minor damaged sustained from flying debris from adjacent structures that were completely demolished.

A 20 year warranty will be obtained for the roof.