Repair, Investigation and Design of Roofs, Pall Corporation

Pensacola, Florida | 158,000 sf | $1.36m

After the manufacturing facility roof was damaged by Hurricane Ivan, GCAG was consulted to review 66,000 sq. ft. of damaged roof and investigate the remaining 47,000 sq. ft of existing roofs. The scope also included the design for a new 45,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant addition, including the new roof design. Goals were set for all roofs to withstand 160 MPH wind speeds and to obtain 20 year warranties for new roofs.

To keep a roof over the manufacturing area during repair, the existing metal roof was incorporated into the new design. A three-ply modified bitumen system was selected as a cost effective roof capable of meeting the required wind uplift forces.

During investigation, it was determined that the remaining roofs were not designed or installed to meet current code or Pall Corporation's 160 MPH wind speed goal. Fasteners were added and perimeter flashings were upgraded. All existing and modified roofs were coated with an asphalt product providing a 10 year water-tightness warranty.

An uplift test was performed on the completed roof assemblies and all roofs passed the requirements established by Factory Mutual.