Roof Retrofit Building 937

NAS Jacksonville, Florida | 19,000 sf | $1m

The project scope included design and construction of a metal framed pitched roof system with 24 gauge structural standing seam metal roof panels over the existing modified bitumen flat roof system. Roof design was dictated by the multiple changes in elevation of the existing roof. Stud infill walls were erected in several locations for smoke partitions. The new roof structure is tied to the existing joists through the existing roof assembly; temporary waterproofing was provided. Gutter and downspouts were included and the design incorporates a hip roof profile with a 3/12 pitch. The scope included a structural analysis of the existing facility relative to wind loads. Mechanical and electrical systems were modified in order to accommodate the new roof system. GCAG provided complete design support throughout the construction process including submittal review of product data and RFI support. A 20-year warranty was provided.