Solar Panel and Vegetative Roof

Woodward Design+Build, New Orleans, Louisiana | 14,000 sf | $1m

Gulf Coast Architectural Group provided roof design consulting and observation services for the 14,000 sf roof which included both a main roof entirely covered with solar panels (10,200 sf) and a vegetative roof area (3,800 sf). The vegetative area is an accessible rooftop garden with pavers, intended to be an area for both staff and guests to enjoy.

The project scope included roof design guidance and review, development of specifications and on-site inspections during roof installation. GCAG aided in the selection of the roof systems. For the vegetative roof, GCAG developed specifications for four alternative roof systems, providing the owner with options from which to choose. For the entire roof, a modified bitumen roof system with a variety of configurations including metal deck, concrete deck and semi-intensive vegetative roof assemblies was chosen. Scuppers were sized and drainage concepts developed. 20 year warranties were obtained for the roofs.